The latest addition to the Skylanders family is a beloved board game classic, Monopoly.

Rather than vie to buy the typical board game real estate like Boardwalk and Park Place, players compete to purchase Skylanders properties. These include Stealth Elf's Ninja Dojo, Persephone's Gem Shop Tax, and Zap's Lightning Race Track among others. 

Other key elements of the game have also been renamed. Hotels are castles and houses are huts to lend a more fantastical feel to the redesigned board game.

Skylanders Monopoly is available for $39.99. If board games are not really your style, Skylanders Swap is coming to all current and next gen systems in October.


Our Take
Skylanders is an impressive money-generating franchise because of its ability to make kids feel they "gotta have" every new addition to the series. Requiring toy purchases with the game is an ingenious way to create revenue because it essentially turns childrens' short attention spans into profit. But Skylanders Monopoly seems to be pushing it. Skylanders has neither the nostalgia nor the excessive fandom among those old enough to appreciate board games that makes specialty Monopoly sets a success.