You've seen us talking about 2K Marin's upcoming third-person shooter set in the early days of the XCOM universe. Now, you can see The Bureau: XCOM Declassfied for yourself.

Starting at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern, 2K Marin will be streaming portions of a level we haven't been privy to yet. The University sees Agent William Carter and his team in Rosemont, Georgia where a homecoming celebration has been cut short. We've showcased the game's Battle Focus power wheel before, but seeing the game played in real time, with a player using all of the tools at his or her disposal will be a good look for those that haven't yet seen The Bureau in action.

You can check out the stream on 2K Games' Twitch channel.


Our Take
I've previewed The Bureau and spoken with members of the team on a number of occasions. I was skeptical about where an XCOM shooter might take the franchise, but after hands-on time, I'm a believer. August 20 is a big day for gaming (that's also when Saints Row IV arrives), kicking off one of the biggest fall rushes in recent memory.