We've shared with you a number of amazing creations made in digital spaces. We've also shown you handcrafted costumes featuring some of gaming's most beloved characters. Today, we've got something a little bit different.

YouTuber Kyudan2 is a Rubik's Cube artist. As you may have realized, the squares on the face of one of the 80s most confounding novelties are perfect for recreating pixel art.

The most recent of Kyudan2's creations is Mega Man, made from 97 Rubik's Cubes. He's not in his traditional blue (because there aren't two shades of it on the cubes). Instead, we think it's either the Fire Storm from Mega Man 1 or Atomic Fire from Mega Man 2 (though Mega Man has donned similar colors in a number of series entries).

Check out the speed video below and Kyudan2's other videos on his channel.