Last fall OC ReMix launched a Kickstarter project to produce a 5-disc album filled with 74 songs from 74 different artists dedicated to the soundtrack of Final Fantasy VI on the Super Nintendo. The initial goal of $30,000 was smashed quickly and the project eventually pulled in $153,633.

Backers received physical copies of the collection, Balance & Ruin, and other various tiers of gifts, but now anyone can download the entire soundtrack for free. Of course, if you enjoy the music, it would be cool to donate to OC ReMix so they can keep developing more great projects like this.

Wet your whistle with this excellent "Bohemian Rhapsody"-inspired track by Jake "virt" Kaufman and Tommy Pedrini.


Our Take

Put on these tunes and impress all of your friends and relatives during the fireworks tonight. They'll all become instant Nobuo Uematsu fans guaranteed.