Duke Nukem is celebrating his birthday in style. His original title was released on July 1, 1991. Today, Interceptor Entertainment (the studio handling the Rise of the Triad reboot) announced the Duke Nukem Platformer Pack.

This bundle includes three 3D Realms classics: Duke Nukem, Duke Nukem II, and Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. Unlike more recent iterations, these are side scrollers and not first-person shooters.

You can get the bundle on Steam now for $9.99. The titles can also be purchased separately at $2.99 for Duke Nukem and Duke Nukem II, and $5.99 for Manhattan Project.

Also, Duke's legendary voice actor, Jon St. John, will be honored by the Oceanside International Film Festival in Oceanside, California. St. John will accept his lifetime achievement award in person on August 25, 2013. For more information on the Oceanside Film Festival, visit the official site.


Our Take
Before Duke Nukem became a first-person raunch machine, he was a side-scrolling shareware star. These titles were great when they were first released, and if you've got an itch for nostalgia, the price is certainly right.