Peter Stormare and J.B. Smoove are back in another Call of Duty: Black Ops II "The Replacers" video. This time, the pair are showing off footage of the new maps featured in the upcoming Vengeance DLC.

The new battlegrounds are Cove, a tropical paradise; Rush, a paintball course (with real bullets, of course); Detour, a bridge covered in abandoned cars (reminiscent of part of the Black Ops II campaign); and Uplink, a recreation of Summit from the original Black Ops.

A new zombie campaign, Buried, seems to have ghosts, mountain people, and civil war undead. Oh, and the Ray Gun Mark II will be on-hand in case you need something a bit more powerful to clear out the animated corpses.

The Vengeance Map Pack arrives on July 2, 2013, on Xbox Live. PC and PlayStation 3 updates will be coming later.