When I posted a story about showing mercy in Day Z, many of you responded by sharing your own tales of glory and shame in Chernarus. Others brought up experiences from Red Dead Redemption and Soul Sacrifice.

It seems that no matter the game, when something unique and unscripted happens, it's common to feel a sense of ownership over the moment.

I'll never forget the time I accidentally dragon-sneezed on a chicken in Skyrim and instigated a riot. Or that match in Halo 3 where I tossed a random grenade, only to ignite some fusion cores and launch a deadly traffic cone into an enemy's noggin.

Most memorable to me is the time that an unknown player fought with me through Dark Souls' Chasm of the Abyss. When he saw that I needed to heal at a bonfire - an action that's blocked when your partner is still alive - he "praised the sun" before stepping off a cliff.

What are some of your own favorite accidental moments in gaming? Share your thoughts in the comments below!