After Team Bondi's post-L.A. Noire meltdown, the studio's future was in jeopardy. The very public criticisms of Rockstar Games, who published the hardboiled crime drama cast a dark cloud over an otherwise excellent title supported by superior facial capture technology.

When it was announced that a new game, Whore of the Orient, was in the works, fans had high hopes. The project was picked up by Kennedy Miller Mitchell (KMM) for development on PC and next-generation consoles. 

In April of this year, reports surfaced that the title was in trouble, with significant layoffs and Warner Bros. backing out if the publishing arrangement. Now, it seems, there is new hope.

KMM has received $200,000 in funding from New South Wales' Interactive Media Fund. Screen NSW, the entity that handles the funding, is the governmental organization that handles filming and related activities in and around Sydney, Australia.

While $200,000 isn't nearly enough to fund a video game, the award indicates that the project is still alive. Interestingly, another grantee is Intuitive Games Studios, founded by Team Bondi alumni. Their game, Canonical Five, is described as a "thrilling interactive detective game."