Update: It's true! The next Black Ops II DLC is called Vengeance and we have the details.


Original Story:

Two down, and two to go in Call of Duty: Black Ops II's DLC offerings. According to supposedly leaked promotional materials for the game, the third DLC installment is called Vengeance and features four new multiplayer maps.

COD Online has posted a YouTube video from user alextheend5 which shows the materials, which list the four maps: Cove, Rush, Uplink, and Detour. Vengeance will also reportedly contain a zombie map called Buried with the Ray Gun Mark II.

The materials and user appear to be from Germany. Regardless, Activision has a habit of letting its COD: Black Ops II promo materials getting into people's hands early.

[Source: alextheend5 via COD Online via GameSpot]