The latest trailer for Metal Gear Solid V has plenty of familiar faces, but one of them is causing some confusion among some fans. The man pictured above has been the source of some speculation, with fans thinking he's anyone from Roy Cambell to Kazuhira Miller.

In an attempt to get some clarification at a Q&A session today, I asked Hideo Kojima if the mysterious character from the trailer is Colonel Campbell.

"No, he's not in the trailer," was Kojima's response.

Seems pretty clear cut, except for one problem: I should have asked if it was "Roy Campbell" instead of "Colonel Campbell." If Campbell has yet to attain the rank of Colonel during the events depicted in the trailer, Kojima's response would technically be correct. 

Even if I had asked the question differently, Kojima seems to enjoy fan speculation too much to kill it with a simple "yes" or "no." Compare the image above to the two shots of Roy Campbell in the gallery below and then share your thoughts in the comments.