The transition from one hardware generation to another is always a tumultuous time for developers. Naughty Dog says it's learned from its past generational leaps, and that it's going to be using its existing in-house engine to help mitigate potential issues.

Bruce Straley, the Last of Us' game director, told Digital Spy that the studio learned what not to do while moving from the PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3. During that transition, he says the studio abandoned the engine Naughty Dog used in its Jak & Daxter games to start fresh for Uncharted – a move that further complicated the game's development.

"[W]e were creating a new IP, with a new engine, with a lot of weird expectations," Straley says. "Nobody had a dev kit soon enough, and as we all know, trying to figure out how to program for a whole new piece of hardware was really difficult."

Now that the PlayStation 4 is on the horizon, Naughty Dog is determined to make the platform leap as smoothly as possible. That means that it will be porting its in-house engine, used for the Uncharted series and the upcoming The Last of Us, over to the PS4.

"We have all these things that already work," he says. "Only when we hit a wall will we say, 'When do we need to change something? When do we need to scale it?"

[Source: Digital Spy via Polygon]