There were plenty of blogs responding to Microsoft's Xbox One announcement from last week and despite some rather interesting perspectives from the blogging community, you won't find any of those posts here. What you will find is a collection entertaining blogs about random topics from the world of video games.

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Game Informer welcomes another round of interns to assist the staff while learning everything you ever wanted to know about video game journalism but were afraid to ask. Check out the introduction blogs from Matt Akers, Brian Albert, and Liz Lanier by clicking their names.

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Top 10 Pirate Levels In Gaming
Pirates rank right up there with ninjas, robots, cowboys, and zombies, so it shouldn't be too big of a surprise xl9's latest blogs focuses on his favorite pirate levels from some rather interesting games.

Used Games: Not As Harmful As You Think
Cameron Koch weighs in on the contentious issue of buying, selling, and trading used video games, and how he thinks it might not be the big issue everybody seems to think it is.

Top 10 Worst Players You Don't Want To Play With Or Against Online
Blogging newcomer Mike Presler makes his debut at Game Informer with a clever blog examining the different types of gamer personalities you don't want to meet online.

What I Want To See In A Gravity Rush Sequel
Somewhat of an obscure title, but his pick for the 2012 Game of the Year, Trenchmace offers a few ideas he'd like to see incorporated into the successor to Gravity Rush, an action/role playing game for the Vita.

Top 10 Launch Lineups
No doubt inspired by Microsoft's Xbox One announcement, thegodofwine7 shares his top ten picks for the best launch lineups, including the platform and titles that made the launch so memorable.

A Breakdown Of The Call Of Duty: Ghosts Reveal Trailer
If you're a Call of Duty hater, then you might want to skip this blog. Fans of the series will appreciate Reptar7's frame-by-frame breakdown of the CoD: Ghost trailer as he discusses what it reveals.

So Zach, Do You Like This Game So Far?
One of the last times we heard from Supersnake he was sharing his love of Disney Princesses. Now he's back talking about coffee and a little game called Deadly Premonition.

How "Call Of Duty: Ghosts" Can Transcend Its Predecessors
Despite a number of gamers criticizing the Call of Duty franchise as being more of the same, millions of gamers still buy it. Just in case, DrJoeystein has a few ideas he thinks will ensure continued success.

The Six Games I Want Most
Most of us have a game or two we're patiently waiting for the release date to arrive, but in his latest blog The Destroyer lists a handful of games he wants even though their existence hasn't been confirmed.

Community Reviews:

My Kingdom For A Chainsword
Paradigmthefallen plays and reviews Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, a third-person action video game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by the now defunct THQ.

Bioshock Infinite – Creating A Rift In Itself
Bioshock Infinite has received an overwhelming amount of praise and positive review scores, but every now and then it'll take a hit, like this critique from DesertOcelot who gives it a good but not great score.

Star Trek: Not So Boldly Going
Some gamers appreciate user reviews and use them to gauge whether a title is worth purchasing – or in the case of Cameron Koch's review of Star Trek, whether it's destined for the bargain bin.

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