With E3 around the corner and EA openly talking about the next-generation, it will be interesting to see what games make the jump in the systems' launch windows. Could a Need for Speed title be on the docket?

The franchise's Facebook page has posted the above shot of a police cruiser with the caption, "Have no rules, show no mercy." The car doesn't appear to be related to Criterion's Most Wanted game or its DLC, so it will be interesting to see if the company is teasing a new game in the series. The fact that the car is a police cruiser seems to indicate that this potential NFS title could be from any of the series' various lineages except for the sim-esque Shift inprint.

It's been previously reported that Ghost Games (formerly EA Gothenburg) was working on a NFS game.

In the past, the company has said it plans to have a Need for Speed game on the market every year, and the debut of the next-gen systems this year would certainly be a good time to put out a new title for the franchise.

E3 is in a few weeks, so at a minimum we should hear something by then.

[Source: Facebook]