The one thing we seem to know is that the Xbox One will not require an "always online" connection in order to function. Unfortunately, the messaging coming out of Microsoft today about what kind of connection the console does need has been confusing at best and conflicting at worst.

Today after the Xbox One presentation, a number of sites spoke with Microsoft officials about the things that weren't said on stage. Kotaku sat down with Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison and got a definitive answer about the console's connection profile. According to the article, Harrison told Kotaku that he believed a connection was required at least once in a 24-hour period. There was no indication of what would happen if that daily check-in didn't happen, but we suspect that in combination with games being tied to accounts that purchased software won't work. 

Later today, Microsoft addressed Harrison's comments with Polygon, stating that "there have been reports of a specific time period — those were discussions of potential scenarios..."

Right now, we can only point out the discrepancies that continue to emerge around this issue and the the approach Microsoft is taking with used games. E3 is only 19 days away, and we hope that the company has answers to these questions when we reconvene in Los Angeles.

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