Update: Gran Turismo 6 has been officially confirmed for the PlayStation 3 this holiday season.

Further details have also emerged from Toyota of Europe's twitter feed, which states that Gran Turismo 6 will include a "revamped" physics engine, a multitude of new parts, better graphics, and will be an overall smoother experience.


[Source: Sony EuropeToyota Europe via Joystiq]


Original Story: Sony Europe and Gran Turismo series developer Polyphony Digital held an event in the U.K. today to celebrate the racing franchise's 15 year anniversary. Apparently, an official press release for the game leaked early, signaling the existence of Gran Turismo 6.

The game is reported to be coming out at the end of this year for PlayStation 3. An official press release stating details was posted by South African website iafrica.com and captured by NeoGAF before it was taken down.

According to the information, Gran Turismo 6 contains all the cars of GT 5, and adds historic cars as well as some fresh off the assembly line to bring the game's total vehicle count to 1,200 at launch. GT 6 will expand online via downloads, with new cars and tracks to be made available after launch.

Seven new tracks will appear in the game – including Silverstone, where the anniversary event was held – to bring the total up to 33 tracks containing 71 total layouts (19 of them which are new). The course maker from Gran Turismo 5 will also return with improvements.

Finally, GT 6 is adding smartphone and tablet support for social functionality.

We've reached out to Sony for confirmation on the matter, and will update this story when appropriate.


[Source: iafrica.com via NeoGAF]