Shortly after a former Sega employee posted photos of what basically amounted to a prototyped Sega Saturn with online capabilities codenamed the Pluto, the console appeared on eBay for sale.

The original online appearance of the console on AssemblerGames came with the quote that this was probably one of only two Pluto consoles. When the presumed only other Pluto appeared on eBay, as well as the auction site GameGavel by the same poster, the auction went up to $7,600 for the latter. It did not not meet the reserve, however, so it remained unsold. Meanwhile, the eBay listing received 89 bids and made it up to $15,500, and still did not meet the reserve.

Whoever this seller is, twitter user @Kidvid666, they are going for the whole enchilada, or the whole echidna, perhaps? Like Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog? I'm really good at puns.

Update: The original headline stated that the offer was turned down, which is not true. The bid did not reach the reserve price. I've updated the headline to reflect the story.

[Source: SegaNerds]