Nintendo has invited members of the press to a special hands-on event that will take place prior to the official commencement of E3 in Los Angeles next month.

As we reported recently, Nintendo has opted to forego their usual keynote address at the Nokia Theatre in favor of more intimate events. The company will still be holding an event for supply chain partners. As for the media, we've been invited to get early hands on time at the booth and hear remarks from famed developer Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo of America president and chief operating officer.

The remarks will only last 30 minutes in total. Play time is slated to begin at 11 AM on June 11, but with the show floor opening at 12 PM, things are going to get hectic after only an hour.

If you are interested in further opinion and analysis regarding Nintendo's decision to step away from a traditional keynote, I offered my thoughts and follow-up responses to reader questions.