It's the beginning of May and for some reason it's still snowing in Minnesota – in case you were looking for a reason to move here! Thankfully Blood Dragon just came out and we all still have a few titles in our backlog to tackle.

Kyle Hilliard: My house is dirty. My hope is that by Monday my house will no longer be dirty. Also, Blood Dragon, and maybe some Deadly Premonition director’s cut.

Ben Hanson: This weekend I hope to spend some more time on my iPad playing Haunted Hollow and Star Command. Outside of that, after finishing Luigi's Mansion on 3DS I've continued my love affair with the system by starting Minish Cap and playing an early copy of the new Animal Crossing. Have a good weekend!

Andrew Reiner: My journey to 200,000 gamerscore should come to an end this weekend. The games that will likely get me there: Way of the Dogg and Star Trek.

Jeff Marchiafava: This weekend I plan on playing a bunch of Metro 2033 in preparation for Last Light. The dreary and depressing atmosphere of the game is perfect for the continued May snowstorms we’re having in Minnesota. If I’m in the mood for something a little lighter, I might spend some more time playing BattleBlock Theater, or head back to Tomb Raider, which I still need to finish up.

Mike Futter: I will be taking a trip back to the 1980s to visit the future. It's Blood Dragon time, baby! I will also try to get back online with Defiance if the server gods are generous.