Back in 2011, Pop Chart Lab created an enormous interwoven chart of over 100 video game controllers. The stylish poster was a trip down memory lane for many gamers, leading off with Tennis for Two, which predates even Pong.

Now, the 27 x 39 inch poster has been updated to include over 50 new devices and controllers. Some of the new additions include portable consoles and even attachments like the Circle Pad Pro. Unfortunately, even this is going to need an update in a few weeks, as the Dual Shock 4 will be joined by whatever Microsoft has cooked up for the next Xbox.

You can purchase the poster at Pop Chart Lab for the extremely reasonable asking price of $36. There is a version displayed on the official website allows for full screen zooming. It's worth spending some time with it to remember the good times and learn about some devices of which you might not have previously been aware.

[Source: Pop Chart Lab via Fast Company

Thanks to Tom for the tip!