Defiance has been out for just over a month, and already the MMO open-world shooter has racked up some impressive user numbers. Trion Worlds is touting the success of the game side of the trans-media initiative. Over 1 million players have created accounts, taking to the San Francisco Bay Area to hunt mutants, raiders, and more.

You've probably seen or heard us joking about Defiance's creepy, crawly monsters, the Hellbugs. Over 500 million of them have been shot, punted, and disintegrated. This is probably helped by the fact that the starting region's arkfalls (large and random community events) are focused on the burrowing buggers.

Speaking of the debris showers, over 1 million have been completed. These net players useful resources (one of the game's currencies) for buying loot chests. They are also the key to winning an appearance on the Defiance SyFy Channel show, which we mentioned earlier this week.

Finally, with driving such an important part of the experience, Trion has shared that 50 million miles have been traversed all across the Bay Area. The show has already been renewed for a second season, and we're eager to see what DLC Trion has cooked up for the game.

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