Way of the Dogg, the rhythm/fighting game starring Snoop Dogg/Lion, appeared out of the Internet blue to release today. Its release surprised everyone who was following the game, as well as people who discovered that there was a Snoop Dogg game in the works.

You can check out a gameplay trailer for the game below. In a fit of curiosity, I actually paused the posting of this story to record a Test Chamber for this game with Andrew Reiner and Jason Oestreicher. We should have it posted a little bit later today.

Here's a quote from Mr. Dogg himself about the game:

“I’ve always dug old school Kung Fu movies. Growing up in the hood, me and the homies used to hit the Palace Theater in Long Beach to watch the double feature Kung Fu flicks and come out of the theater play fighting each other, making those old school sound effects. I wanted Way of the Dogg to pay tribute to that feeling and bring that same excitement, fused with my music, to the game.”

The game is available now on Xbox 360, and should be available soon for PlayStation 3 and mobile devices.