Blizzard's appearance on stage with Sony for the PlayStation 4 reveal in February brought to a close the speculation regarding a console version of Diablo III. Now, players who have been waiting to play without being online are one step closer to fulfilling that dream. Starting today, Diablo III is available for pre-order, with a release coming this fall.

Getting in on the first wave (via pre-order) will net players an experience-boosting Infernal Helm. There will be retailer-specific items also, but those have not yet been detailed. No specific release date has been set, but the game will retail for $59.99. 

Gameplay has been tweaked to enable local cooperative play in addition to online questing. Boss battles have been tweaked, and will be absent. The console version puts players in more direct control of their characters as opposed to the mouse click-driven play on PC and Mac.

The full press release is on the following page.