Custom mods and content used to be a tricky business. There weren't always simple ways to integrate the work of intrepid community members, but with the rise of Steam Workshop, fans of Skyrim, Civilization V, and other games have found a way to get their creations out to the public. Now, a few of the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map-makers are about to see their efforts rewarded monetarily.

Valve has released the first of their time-limited updates featuring the best of the community's map-making efforts. "Operation Payback" features seven top-voted, user-made maps (out of over 1,400 designs) playable on low-ping dedicated servers. Access requires the purchase of a $5.99 pass (currently discounted to $2.99), with some of the proceeds going to the featured creators.

This is a great way for Valve and the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community to reward those that have helped improve the game. The opportunity to use these arenas on dedicated servers runs through July 31, 2013. You can read more and purchase your pass for "Operation Payback" here.