A small team of indie developers are working on their dream project, a new Jagged Alliance game. They need financial help to make the turn-based game a reality, which is where you (and Kickstarter) come in. 

Developer Full Control says on its Kickstarter page that Jagged Alliance: Flashback isn't rebooting the series, but that it's resetting it. Semantics aside, it's an all-new game with a decidedly old-school flavor. The PC game splits the action between turn-based combat phases and base-management elements, as players recruit and develop mercenaries to take on field operations. The story is set in the '80s on a series of tropical islands, which have undergone a socialist coup. Players have to undermine the presence of U.S.S.R. forces before events spiral out of control.

The team is trying to raise $350,000 by May 23.