The first big update to Maxis' stumbling SimCity will arrive on April 22, 2013. The patch fixes a number of bugs, including an important fix for the HUD in colorblind mode.

Casinos are now more profitable, but you'll have to rebuild for the benefits to kick in. There are fixes to a number of the budget-based systems, including fire, garbage, and sewage, ensuring that the services turn on as appropriate. Transit sees a number of improvements, including a fix for the infinite loop problems some players were experiencing. 

In order to make these updates, servers will be taken offline at 1 PM Pacific on Monday for approximately two hours. As we reported earlier this month, Cheetah Mode (one of the features disabled after the title's abysmal launch) has already been re-enabled.

For the full list of fixes as detailed by Maxis, click through to the next page.

[Source: SimCity Forums]