Season passes were getting underway when Mortal Kombat came out in 2011. A lot of people look to you as to how to do it right. You laid out what was going to be there, extra costumes came with all of the characters, Freddy was a huge surprise.

Looking at the DLC for Injustice, can you give us the overview for the plans? Will the four characters in the season pass be it, or will there be more beyond that? Is there anything you can tell me about costumes? Are you looking at adding new stages?
There are currently no plans to add new stages for DLC. We are going to have at least four characters. You mentioned Freddy, and he was a conversation amongst us about whether we should do a guest character. Some people thought it was great. Some people were nervous about it. He ended up being the biggest selling one of all.

Beyond the four, there isn't anything we can announce. I certainly don't think I can safely say that it's four and only four. The DLC characters for Mortal Kombat exceeded everybody's expectations. I suppose there is a certain point in time where we can say that there won't be more. I don't think we'll be releasing DLC characters two years from now. At some point, we've got to jump on our next game. 

When you say "exceeded expectations," do you mean in terms of fan response or sales? 

In terms of costumes, there's a lot to pull from, the pre-order bonuses, collector's edition, etc. Is the plan to include costumes with each of the DLC characters?
Yes. This game has literally over 100 costumes between pre-order stuff, the ones you can buy, and the ones packed in the game. There's a ton of them. Giving people costumes is the way we can push the other content. For instance, if you download Lobo, we want it so you can play Lobo against me, but I need to have the Lobo content on my machine for you to use him against me. The way we're going to do that is to give away costumes. When you get your free costumes, you'll also get the necessary content to be compatible with everyone, so there's no issue of people not having downloads.

Plus, it has the benefit of being consumer-friendly.
That's really what the goal is. We don't want people to download something and not get something out of it. So we're giving them these free skins.

Switching gears to the iOS game, how much input did you have over that, and how much did your team work on it?
The guys who did the iOS game are the same team that did Arkham City Lockdown. They are located here, in our studio. My involvement is that I play the game and write up comments. I give them my feedback on which areas are strong and which could use some work, and we kinda go back and forth. The main meat of that content is a specific iOS team that we have here. They used some of the assets from the game. We want the games looking similar. We also decided what features were going to unlock back and forth with the two versions.