[Update #2] Servers for the patched platforms (PC and Xbox 360) are now back online. Be aware that many users are reporting a variety of problems. The official Defiance forums have the most current information available as Trion Worlds gets things ironed out.


[Update #1] Trion has also taken the PC version down for patch-related maintenance. It seems problems are popping up on both platforms. The PS3 version of the update has not yet been rolled out.


[Original Story]

It’s great that Trion Worlds is patching Defiance, but the 360 fix is causing some new problems. As many users in the official forums have noted (and we can confirm from our own tests), the update for the game on Microsoft’s console causes some pretty significant problems.

When attempting to play the game post-patch, the following message appeared.

Trion Worlds is aware of the problem and is working to repair the patch. We’ll update when more information is available. If you haven’t yet watched the show’s premiere (which aired last night), now would be a fine time to do that.