An inmate at a German prison found a way to elude the guards using a human-sized cardboard box, just like Solid Snake.

The BBC is reporting that the prisoner in question wasn't crawling around with a box covering himself, making sure not to move while in the guards cones of vision. Instead, he placed himself in a box and prepared himself for shipment. When the weekly express courier came by to pick up some packages, they loaded up the box containing the prisoner, and took it off the premises. Once the prisoner saw he was clear, he jumped out of the truck and disappeared. Authorities have not yet been able to track him down.

What he should have done is pretended to be sick, hid under the bed, or broken open the ketchup packet in his inventory to make it seem like he was bleeding. That would have distracted the guards long enough for him to escape. That would have been a lot easier.

Update: Excitement over the idea of a prisoner escaping from prison in a cardboard box like Solid Snake blinded me to the fact that the original news story is actually quite old. The incident occurred in 2008, but that doesn't make the prisoner any less clever, or Solid Snakey.

[via Reddit]