Man, magic, and machine will come together this June as Harebrained Schemes' Shadowrun Returns will make its debut on Steam. It's not too late to pre-order the collector's edition, which includes a nifty dog tag-shaped USB drive. You'll need to get those orders in before April 28, though. Physical goods will ship approximately three weeks after launch, but anyone expecting them will also have access to a digital version of the title. 

Backers should also be aware that contrary to earlier expectations, Harebrained Schemes has opted not to include the digital version of the game on the USB drive. Delivery times would have been severely elongated, delaying delivery of all physical goods. You can still copy the DRM-free version (available to eligible backers via the Harebrained Schemes website at launch), but it will not have access to community-created content. 

Harebrained Schemes also confirmed that Shadowrun Returns will be available on Steam. The mod tools, which will be available to certain backers by the end of this month (and everyone else at launch), will give users the ability to create unique "stories" to share with other players. Community creations will be available via the Steam Workshop for easy integration into the core experience. The value of the tradeoff between the limits on the DRM-free version and utilization of Steam Workshop depends on your point of view. 

If you haven't read up on Shadowrun Returns, we covered the game in an extensive feature back in January and our February issue. The title is an update to the pen-and-paper RPG and much-loved 16-bit console title (appearing on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis).