If the first rule of public speaking is to know your audience, then the first rule of Twitter is to realize that you are speaking publicly. Last week, Game Informer shared a rumor that the next Xbox would require an active internet connection at all times. Following that, Microsoft creative director Adam Orth (pictured above in his Twitter profile image) took to Twitter with some impolitic thoughts on the matter.

Game Informer has learned from sources close to the matter that Orth is no longer with Microsoft. A call to Microsoft's main switchboard confirmed this fact. Our sources, who wish to remain anonymous, suggest that Orth resigned in the wake of last week's events. We haven't been able to confirm whether this was a voluntary or forced resignation. 

Microsoft isn't commenting on the "always on" rumor or today's talk of a May 21 reveal for the console. We can't say for sure if Orth's "deal with it" approach is confirmation that users will need to be online (though with news emerging today of television integration, it's becoming more likely), but we can safely assume that his employer didn't appreciate him commenting on the matter. The company issued the following apology last week in response:

"We apologize for the inappropriate comments made by an employee on Twitter yesterday. This person is not a spokesperson for Microsoft, and his personal views do not reflect the customer centric approach we take to our products or how we would communicate directly with our loyal consumers.  We are very sorry if this offended anyone, however we have not made any announcements about our product roadmap, and have no further comment on this matter."

We have contacted Microsoft and Orth regarding his departure, and will update the story with their responses should they provide them.