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Four New Titles Kick Off The PlayStation Spring Fever Sale

Spring Fever has officially hit the PlayStation Network and in celebration, there are four new titles that have been added.

The four games added are Guacamelee! (regular price, $14.99, PlayStation Plus price, $11.99), Dragon Fantasy Book I ($9.99, $7.99), Thomas Was Alone ($9.99, $7.99) and Zombie Tycoon 2 ($9.99, free). PlayStation Plus members get 20% off each title during launch week. Game Informer is doing a live stream of Guacamelee today from 4PM to 6PM CST. Tune in later to watch the live gameplay. You can also view a trailer for Zombie Tycoon here along with information on the game. And for more information on Thomas Was Alone, check out a previous news article on the game, reported by intern Louis Garcia. 

PlayStation Network is also having a franchise sale. For today, the discounted series is Borderlands. April 16 offers a sale on Grand Theft Auto, April 23 brings Resident Evil, and April 30 will see a PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Heritage Sale. The final offering includes the game and some of the big name characters featured in it. Each title will feature cross-buy capability so that games can be purchased just once for play on both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. 

For more information and to keep updated with releases and sales, visit the PlayStation Store website