There is no end to the creativity of the Minecraft community. This latest labor of love comes to us from Josh Collin, who goes by the name An Angry W0lf on Xbox Live. In commemoration of Jurassic Park 3D arriving in theaters on the 20th anniversary of the film's original theatrical release, Collin has loving recreated the island of Isla Nublar in Mojang's sandbox title.

Set to John William's sweeping score, the six-minute video takes viewers from the helipad, through the visitor center, and around the key landmarks featured in the film. Alas, there are no dinosaurs populating the park, nor is there the Minecraft representation of Samuel L. Jackson featured at the 2012 VGAs. Feel free to hold onto your polygonal butts, though. 

Minecraft has taken the entire gaming world by storm, spawning a multitude of crossovers. Popular characters have been given the blocky treatment, and other developers have included clever nods to the landmark title. Last week, there was even a hint that Minecraft might be getting some equine inhabitants in the near future. Now we just have to wait for the inevitable T-Rex update.