The zombie-loving community has been anxiously awaiting Dean Hall's standalone version of popular Arma II mod, DayZ. Though that project has been delayed for significant improvements, a team of more than 32 developers has implemented some oft-requested features. DayZ Origins 1.6 introduces mining and crafting that allows survivors to team up and stake out a plot of land to build up and defend.

Players can also create vehicles for land, sea, and air, including quad bikes, helicopters, and rafts. Survivors will also have a persistent level (capping out at 24), and progression will make available different outfits depending on actions. Bandits will look different than altruistic players, which might help unwitting wanderers survive just a bit longer. 

The biggest change that DayZ Origins brings is the inclusion of an endgame. Somewhere in the world, Patient Zero roams as a mutated zombie. Whether that actually ends the game is unknown at this point, but it will be interesting to see how players that have embraced the persistent world react to the introduction of finality. 

DayZ Origins is available for download and installation through DayZ Commander


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