Last week we shared with you a statement from EA's chief operating officer Peter Moore regarding his company's current "success" in this year's Consumerist "Worst Company in America" contest (EA has made it to the quarter-final round). In Moore's statement, he blamed people disgruntled with the Madden cover athlete and the ending of Mass Effect 3 for the publisher being awarded the rusty crown in last year's poll. He also goes on to erroneously cite the misconception over EA's support of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

In response, Consumerist has detailed its reasons for including EA in the competition, while also debunking some of Moore's claims. Last year's poll did not, in fact, mention SOPA or Mass Effect 3. Rather, the thesis for including the publisher was focused on microtransactions, the perception of withheld content later sold as DLC, and EA's practice of buying out smaller studios in order to wring out every dollar from franchises (at times before laying off and closing the developer). 

Consumerist also takes issue with Moore's assertion that the publisher's stance on LGBT issues has influenced voters. They have asked EA to produce evidence, as their own analytics have failed to produce any correlation that supports the claim. The statement published on Consumerist is thorough and worth reading.


[Source: Consumerist via Kotaku]