The Ouya made waves last year for blowing past its $950,000 funding goal, eventually raising more than $8.5 million on Kickstarter. The console’s creators promised to bring developer-friendly gaming back to the living room, thanks to both its low cost of entry (about $100) and its Android-based architecture. Now, backers are starting to get their units, and the reviews are trickling in. What are your thoughts on the system?

The system isn’t officially launching until the beginning of June, and backers are getting their units early for their support. The early impressions aren’t great, with critics blasting its cheap-feeling components and dearth of exclusive content. That may explain some of the rough edges. We haven’t received our evaluation units, though managing editor Matt Bertz was able to spend some time with the console last week (check out his impressions here).

Did you back the console? If you did, has your opinion changed since you know more about the system? If not, have you seen anything to change your perspective on the Ouya? Let us know in the comments.