No doubt history was made last week with the release of Bioshock Infinite, a game some are calling the greatest game ever created. The community took note with dozens of user reviews resulting in an impressive aggregate score somewhere between 9.5 and 9.75 out of 10. If reading about an obvious Game of the Year contender doesn't interest you, perhaps one of these blogs from a variety of different topics will.

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Duck Walking aka Stealth Gameplay
Having completed a handful of stealth games recently, LetMeGetToACheckpoint discusses the fine art of slinking around in the shadows and how some games are more successful with their implementation.

Top 10 Worst Video Game Jobs
This hilariously clever blog from thegodofwine7 focuses on some of the mundane employment opportunities filled by non-player characters from some of our favorite games.

There's No Denying A Great Game
Jolt the Cynic considers what it takes to make a great game and suggests just because you don't normally like a particular game or genre doesn't mean you won't enjoy it if you give it a chance.

The Importance Of Single-Player In Video Games
Video game developers often include a multiplayer component in their games almost as an afterthought, but WS-N reflects on why the single-player mode is so important.

A Fallout 4 Wishlist
No other game seems to draw as much input from the fanbase on what features are desired in subsequent installments than Fallout does. This latest wishlist is from firedude3663.

Disabled Video Game Character Hall Of Fame
Game Informer intern and strong advocate for disabled gamers, Josh Straub compiles a list of characters and non-player characters that may suffer from a disability but are still quite successful in their roles.

My Battlefield 4 Campaign Wish List
With recent news of the next Battlefield 4 circulating around the Internet, Andrew Marcos takes a minute to highlight a handful of features he hopes are included in the next episode of the shooter.

Child's Play: Interacting With Kid-Shaped Pixels
David Chandler crafts another brilliant piece, this time examining how children are often excluded from environments where they would be present, and the impact it has when games do include them.

What's In Your iOS Device? Or...What Should Be
Marco Polo ventures into the world of portable gaming on iOS-powered devices by sharing a comprehensive list of games he thinks every gamer should at least try.

Highlights From Pax East
The video game industry event known as Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) East concluded last week and markus1142 was there for the festivities which he discusses in a series of blogs you can find here.

If you're not reading Noobtubin8er's XCOM-inspired fan-fiction blogs featuring a number of GIO personalities, you're missing out on what has quickly become a community favorite.

Community Reviews:

Dead Space 2 – A Proper Sequel
Video game sequels aren't always able to surpass the mark set by their predecessors, but in his review of Dead Space 2, BLiNDFATES tells us how the game is able to achieve the same success as the original.

Skate 2 Review – Back On Board
Andrew Marcos supplies a solid review for a genre you don't hear a lot about with his analysis of Skate 2, one of the better skateboarding simulators on the market despite being a few years old now.

Bioshock Infinite
Bioshock Infinite received a record number of user reviews this week making the decision on which ones to include here a difficult one. Here are five exceptional reviews from RFXRage, Tony Sansone, Dima, The Destroyer, and Companion Cube you can't go wrong with.

Community Podcasts And Videos:

The JACKED UP Indie And Mojo Show Episode 58
Having found a new host to stream their podcast, Daniel, Jack, and Jeremy return to the airwaves with a show discussing topics including Dark Souls, Devil May Cry, Ni no Kuni, and next-generation consoles.

Digi Bros. Intermission: OverBlood
Jack and his buddy take a break from their playthrough of Dark Souls for the week and instead feature Overblood, a survival horror game for the original PlayStation.

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