Today has been filled with touching LucasArts memories in the wake of the publisher's almost complete elimination. We've shared with you the heartfelt thoughts of Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer, and our own editors compiled their fondest memories. Raven, developer of Star Wars titles Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy decided to pay their respects in a slightly different way.

Today, the studio finally released the source code for the two titles. Modders have been eager to get their hands on the data, and now that they have it, we can hopefully look forward to some interesting outcomes. Raven told Kotaku Australia that the release was a tribute to the fans who have been loyal for so many years. They also stated that the source code will not be supported, nor will it be easy to get up and running since key assets are missing.

For more on our coverage of the end of LucasArts as we know it, please check out the original story on the closure and our thoughts on which developers might do justice to the publisher's franchises. You can also download the source code for Jedi Knight II here, and the code for Jedi Academy here.

[via Kotaku Australia]