What started out as a slight April Fool's Joke by Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet has turned into an optional three-level adventure. Super Adventure Box is an '80s retro gaming mode available this month for free in Tyria.

Complete with appropriate graphics, music, and pixelated rabbits, the Super Adventure Box can be accessed by visiting Moto in the asuran city of Rata Sum. Super Adventure Box is a free update that will be available for the entire month of April.

Players can solve platforming puzzles and frolic around the environment while collecting baubles for killing varmints. These can then be traded in for weapons and skills usable in Super Adventure Box.

"Originally, we were going to have a laugh with a fake 8-bit update," said Colin Johanson, ArenaNet game director, "but the more the team worked on it the more we realized we had something really cool on our hands. We figured the gaming community are really going to love this; let's expand on the concept of the Living World in GW 2 and make it for real."

Check out the Box's rad commercial over at the official site.