Tucked away in the GDC Play booth at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California is an upcoming iOS game that lets players built their own voxel space craft. The developer gave me a brief tour through the game, which allows you to share your 3D, pixelated creations with friends via Facebook. Here is what you need to know about Space Qube.

  • Players craft their voxel art using a layered creation tool that makes use of the iPad’s touchscreen
  • You can upload your voxel creations to Facebook and show them to friends who don’t own the game
  • Space Qube users can download their friends’ creations, customize them, and use them in the game
  • The custom voxel models are used as space ships in a simple Space Invaders-style shooter
  • Players move the ship by tilting the iPad/iPhone and shoot by tapping the screen
  • You can check out recently uploaded voxel art here

Space Qube’s game element is pretty light and less involved than the best iOS games out there. However, the accessible voxel creator may be worthwhile for folks that like tinkering with pixel art. If you like the PlayStation 3’s 3D Dot Game Heroes, this may be up your alley.

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