The lead writer for Dragon Age III, David Gaider, gave a talk at GDC on sex and sexism in video games, and drew the conclusion that maybe it’s time we take these things more seriously. He sat down with Rock, Paper, Shotgun for an interview on the subject.

“I guess back in the day, when we were first starting with it, it wasn’t something that the industry kept in mind at all,” says Gaider. “But the fact that we have charged directly into that field, that means…sexism and sexuality issues are things that I end up having to deal with on a regular basis.”

Gaider goes on to talk about the industry’s assumptions when it comes to sales logic, such as reasons a game with a female protagonist might not sell, does not necessarily mean it’s because there is a female protagonist. Instead, he thinks the industry assumes this is true and looks for ways to justify it. 

“Essentially I guess the thrust of what I’m talking about is, the fact that we’ve had to confront these issues has made us better developers and has made our games more inclusive,” says Gaider.  “In the talk I’m discussing why the industry doesn’t often treat that as more important, and maybe what we as an industry should be considering moving forward.”

You can read the whole interview at Rock, Paper, Shotgun.