PAX East has descended upon Boston once again, and Game Informer (well, just me) is there to take part in the festivities. The final day is wrapping up as I type this, and I managed to grab some shots on the show floor. Take a look:

A forbidden love.

Gumby confidently struts across the show floor.

Thief may have just been announced, but these props are already on display on the show floor.

Corners of the hall were guarded by Portal turrets and...pig unicorns, I think?

Walking around a crowded convention center on stilts sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Thought these people were playing Johann Sebastian Joust, but they didn't have any Move controllers. Your guess is as good as mine.

In his old age, Sam's getting pretty bad at staying in the shadows. 

A look at the floor as the final day of PAX East draws to a close.

Click on for a look at day two.