Firaxis Games has announced that it's delving further into the world of iOS strategy gaming with the studio's upcoming game, Haunted Hollow. The game combines mansion management with monster manipulation, in either single or multiplayer matches.

It looks as though it draws inspiration from XCOM's base-building and combat split, though with a decidedly less grim tone. In Haunted Hollow, you construct and upgrade your home, which generates a variety of different monsters, including vampires, zombies, mummies, witches, and reapers. From there, players can battle their friends or play alone. The townsfolk aren't stoked to see a spooky mansion in their neighborhood (property values!), so you can expect to fight them off as well.

The free-to-play game is due out this spring. It's certainly worth keeping on your radar. Those Firaxis guys seem to know what they're doing, after all.