Sony's consoles are increasingly becoming a destination for independent developers with all kinds of successful indie games coming to the PS3 and Vita. We can now add Lone Survivor to the growing list.

Lone Survivor is a 2D horror adventure whose description I will leave up to designer Jasper Byrne as posted on his blog:

"I guess you could call it a blend of ‘Lynchian’ psychological horror, point’n'click adventure mechanics and a virtual pet-like ‘physical and mental survival simulation’ – the idea being that how you choose to survive is up to you. It’s the last record of a nameless, masked protagonist, holed-up in a city full of diseased monsters, starving and exhausted. When we join him on his quest, he has already begun to question whether all of what he sees is even real."

What he fails to mention is that despite its simple art direction, Lone Survivor does a fine job of scaring the pants off of you.

The PS3 and Vita versions of the game will feature Trophies and new items and new dialogue that will be accessible with a new game+ playthrough. It's coming sometime this Summer, and will be a cross-buy and cross-play title, meaning you won't have to buy it twice, and you can share your save across PS3 and Vita.

[via Joystiq]