While editors morn the fact that we can't play SimCity, we've managed to find a few other things to occupy our time, such as Tomb Raider and cardboard box fort construction.

Tim Turi: This weekend I know what I should play. I should beat Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance because I’m a fan of the franchise and I want this game under my belt. I know what I want to play, which is Tomb Raider. I’m really excited about playing a character that gets the crap kicked out of them but still perseveres (e.g. John McClane). But I’ll probably just end up playing more The Secret of Monkey Island and Brütal Legend. Am I broken?

Kyle Hillaird: We’re still disassembling our cardboard box fort after the recent move, but it’s starting to feel like a comfortable home that I can play video games in. I still need to finish Antichamber and Devil May Cry, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to hold off on Tomb Raider while I finish up those other games. Otherwise I will be sleeping and eating, but not at the same time.

Jeff Marchifava: This weekend I want to get back into FTL – I’m still halfway through my first campaign, and my crew isn’t just going to kill itself. After I fail to survive my trip through deep space, I’ll probably go back to blowing crap up in Red Faction: Guerrilla, because I find it cathartic. Maybe I need a vacation.