Team Meat has finally dished out some details about its upcoming indie game Mew-Genics, which sounds like a cross between The Sims, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing.

Team Meat has been teasing Mew-Genics for weeks now, but it hasn't been clear about what the game is really about. However, in a recent blog post, Team Meat described Mew-Genics as a "cross between The Sims and Pokemon with a sprinkling of Animal Crossing and a dash of Tamagotchi."

Team Meat went on to explain that Mew-Genics is a game about taking care of a household of cats. Supposedly it is the most complex game the team has created so far. The blog describes a gameplay scenario where the player tries to mate two cats, but one of the cats gets attacked while eating and subsequently associates food with pain and then starves to death. A stray cat finally mates with one of the cats, but ends up passing on a form of Cat Aids to the other cat, so the female is frozen in cryostasis in hopes that a future world will be able to cure her. Meanwhile the player is left to deal with two narcoleptic kittens.

The post does an great job of teasing Mew-Genics's unique sim experience, but here's one more fun fact, according to Team Meat the, "Current number of cats in Mew-Genics is....25418658283290000000000000 (and growing)"

That's one crazy cat lady!

[Via: Joystiq]