Watch Dogs Senior Producer, Ubisoft's Dominic Guay

What's your initial reaction to what Sony announced about its new console? What is most exciting to you as a game developer?

Sony made it quite clear that the main focus of the PS4 was to "play." For us, as game content creators, this is a very good thing. A platform designed with a clear commitment on enabling great game experiences. It does not exclude other services - but the focus is at the right place. The platform specs are in line with this ambition.

There is nice coherency between what will be enabled by the choices they made on their platform and the elements we want to push on Watch Dogs: immersion, dynamism and connectivity.

In general, what kinds of things will the new console allow you to do as a game designer that you couldn't do on the last generation of systems?

For one thing, we will be able to push the immersion of games. That goes beyond graphics: it refers to how believable is the reaction of the world to the actions of the player. In a game like Watch Dogs where we try to push the level of interactivity, that's critical.

We are building an open world game where things are built through systems: civilians, traffic, weather, electricity, information, police, etc. It requires great technology to ensure that those systems will respond in a believable way to the player's plans and actions, that the emerging gameplay moments are rich and believable.

Our designers are also pushing hard on new types of interactions between players. So it was good that Sony stated their will to remove hurdles and allow increased connectivity with their platform.

How excited are you about the new interface technology? Do you see some interesting possibilities for it?

The touchpad is a great addition. As an example, in Watch Dogs it allows us to directly refer to the way our main character, Aiden Pearce, interfaces with his smartphone, his primary tool to hack into the city systems. So the player has a natural and direct way of using his avatar's device. The touchpad will provide benefits to the control scheme.

What do you think about some of the new online and cloud services Sony announced?

It was a very interesting announcement. Sony made it clear they had a lot more plans for their cloud for the future and I believe it might be a rich area of innovation to improve player's experiences.

Is there anything Sony didn't announce or include in the new console that you would like to see added?

Sony delivered a powerful platform with all the key components we need to make great games. Now the ball is in the developer's court. We need to build new worlds, new types of experiences, that will surprise and satisfy players. That's been our goal on Watch Dogs since the beginning of the project.