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Knack Is The First Official PS4 Game

A little guy named Knack is the starring character in a new game from Mark Cerny all about a war against the goblins.

The family friendly title Knack, being crafted by Mark Cerny and the team at Sony, is aiming to offer a simple but accessible game that capitalizes on the PS4’s specs. A trailer for the game reveals Knack as a robotic creature capable of gathering objects into a much larger body in order to fight against an army of evil goblins.

It’s not entirely clear how Knack will play, but initial visuals from the project indicate a character action title that might be comparable to games like Ratchet & Clank. 

In addition, Sony revealed that Knack will be playable on the PlayStation Vita by streaming from your PS4. 

We’ll have more details about Knack as soon as they are revealed by Sony.

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