Back in 2011 Blizzard gave a group of dedicated modders the go-ahead to create a StarCraft MMO. The single-player prologue, Chronicles of Fate, is available now over, and offers players a glimpse at the future multiplayer vision.

The mod will eventually feature multiplayer raids similar to those in World of Warcraft, and will support 5 to 10 players. The game may not be massively multiplayer by any stretch of the imagination, but still evokes the feel of instanced dungeons from World of Warcraft. You need to have StarCraft installed to play the mod, then click the Arcade tab and search StarCraft Universe RPG.

The project boasts some impressive video game celebrity talent, especially for a mod. Michael Gough, the voice of Diablo’s Deckard Cain can be heard in the game. The music is done by David Orr, composer of Castle Crashers.

Source: Upheaval Arts [via Kotaku]