Pinball FX2 and Zen Pinball have become popular platforms for pinball, boasting cabinets based on everything for Plants vs. Zombies, to Marvel’s Civil War comic book series. Now it’s time to add Star Wars to its stable of properties reimagined via the silver ball and cabinet.

Star Wars Pinball’s first batch of tables include Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Not just virtual pinball tables, the cabinets come to life as set pieces mirroring the movie move and make noise. Don’t be alarmed if the cabinet flashes brightly, and Luke Skywalker starts to dual Darth Vader. 

The tables will release for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network for 800 Microsoft Points ($10) and $9.99. Each table is $2.99 in the Mac app store, and $1.99 a table in both the Apple app store and Google Play. 

February 27 marks when gamers can jump into the world of Star Wars Pinball for all platforms excluding the PlayStation Network, which gets the tables on February 26.

The video below shows off the table inspired by The Empire Strikes Back