Rayman fans on the Wii U were mad when the game was delayed to accomodate newly announced versions on the Xbox 360 and PS3, but to make amends Ubisoft and game developer Ubisoft Montpellier are offering the game's full online challenge mode early exclusively for Wii U fans.

The challenge mode will be available at no cost on Nintendo's eShop at the beginning of April. It appears to be the exclusive demo that Ubisoft previously announced. The online challenge mode tasks players to make runs over five of the game's levels (The Pit, The Dojo, The Dungeon, The Land of the Dead, and The Infernal Tower). This can be completed alone or with up to five friends, and there will also be online leaderboards to track everyone's times. New challenges will be posted daily and weekly.

Michel Ancel himself was disappointed with Ubisoft's decision regarding the game, and it's a generous move to offer this mode exclusively to Wii U owners given that the delay decision wasn't even made by the studio itself.

Check out Ubisoft's official Facebook page for more in a dev update video.


[via Joystiq]